Quality upright Fridge is ideal for busy restaurants and commercial kitchens.  1/2 split door system can lower yearly running cost by up to 30%

With its generous 1868 Litre capacity, sturdy castors and robust stainless steel construction throughout, frozen food storage is made easy.

The digital temperature control provides precise and constant temperature readings. This level of precision allows products to remain fresh over an extended period of time.


Digital Temperature Control
Provides precise and constant temperature. This level of precision allows food products to remain fresh over an extended period to time.

High-Tech Monitor
The monitor digitally displays present cabinet temperatures. You can easily change the temperature by adjusting the thermostat.doors fridge 1868l capacity ,range kr656hc 6 half doors ,turbo air range kr656hc 6

Hot Gas Condensate System
Through Turbo Air’s creative innovation, the condensate system surfaces have been specially treated to resist corrosion. This not only increases the efficiency without risk treated corrosion. This not only increases efficiency without the risk refrigerant leakage from corrosion, but also prevents the overflow of condensate water.

Efficient Refrigeration System
Turbo Air’s solid door reach-in’s are designed with oversized and balanced refrigeration systems. CFC Free R-134A utilised for refrigerator and R-404A for freezer. These include efficient evaporators and condensers for faster cooling and greater efficiency.

Automatic Evaporator Fan Motor Delays
Through stopping the evaporator fan when the refrigerator doors opens, the circulation of hot, moist airing the refrigerator is prevented. This increases efficiency and lengthens the life of the compressor.kr656hc 6 half doors fridge

Adjustable, Heave Duty, PE (Polyethylene) Coated Wire Shelves

Exterior & Interior of Cabinet Construction
Stainless steel exterior (galvanised steel top, bottom and back) and stainless steel interior with AL inside and door liners. It guarantees the utmost in cleanliness and long product life. Unlike other companies’ products, the sharp corners and edges have been rounded to reduce the risk of injury.

High-Density Polyurethane Insulation
The entire cabinet structure and solid doors are formed-in-place using high density, CFC free Polyurethane insulation.