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About us

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The team at Adgemis are specialist designers of Industrial & Commercial Cool Rooms, and Freezer Rooms to suit the product and application for your business, we will work with you so we construct to the specifications you require now and to grow into a prosperous business.

We will engineer your refrigerated rooms to suit your produce and application, we install extend, upgrade and modify to suit your growth and needs, we will design the refrigeration using economical running methodology and advise best practice operation, we will design monitor and control your plant via the WEB and provide HACCP records for your accreditation.

Operation can be simple you keep your own manual records, monitor your own electronic operation or we can monitor with WEB based remote off site monitoring and send you copies of your daily, weekly and monthly records.

yes we

Yes we build large drive in rooms down to small rooms in domestic applications

For Warehousing

  • Hospitals
  • Dairy
  • Cafes Restaurants
  • Cheese
  • Schools
  • Meat
  • Laboratories
  • Fresh Fish
  • Food Processing
  • Freezer rooms with solar or electric floor heating
  • Clean Rooms

insulation below the ground or with step up floor Yes we do it all you give us the challenge and we will accommodate your needs.

Adgemis Group was founded in 1975 by John Adgemis with the aim of providing a competitive range of products and services for the hospitality industry in the areas of Commercial Refrigeration and Catering Equipment. By mid 1981 the original premises in Bridge Road, Richmond though already expanded, proved inadequate for the Company’s needs and relocation was made to a larger facility at Barkly Street, St Kilda.

This move enabled larger range of products and services being offered to a growing and broader client base, this also allowed a steady amount of new products with in-house development of innovative products, and increased manufacturing activity.

Early 1986 the company moved to St Kilda Road, which provided accommodation for improved showroom facilities, and expanded services division, with the introduction of a Shop fitting and Architectural finishes section. Gradually the new combined premises at Mount Waverley which united the activities of all the Company’s divisions was in place providing space to further expand.