Emergency Breakdown

Preventative Maintenance

If your business wants the refrigeration equipment to perform reliably for many years, preventive maintenance is a necessity.

Prevention is better than cure this is the money centre of your business Would you drive your car without regular servicing?????

When equipment constantly breaks down or doesn’t perform to expectations, it’s often because there has never been any preventive maintenance (Regular Service) — only emergency service. AS the old saying goes.....Remember, equipment is only as good as the service performed on it.

All mechanical equipment needs periodic service to keep it in the best operating condition. Good service can mean the difference between a few mechanical malfunctions or ongoing expense in time, reputation and dollars.

To properly maintain a system, all the major components should be included in the maintenance schedule. These include the evaporator(s), compressor unit, and condenser.

At Adgemis Refrigeration we strongly encourage this and one of the services we offer.

Call us and book a Preventative Maintenance appointment today. And to be scheduled to regular Quarterly, Six Monthly, or Annual Servicing