Emergency Breakdown

Preventative Maintenance

Refrigeration can be the single most important factor in your business.

Nothing will stop your days trading like a Refrigeration meltdown.
Preventative Maintenance is prolonging the life of your assets and equipment.

Just as you take your car in for a service. Refrigerators need the same attention and care.

Regular Scheduled Preventative Maintenance is necessary for a number of reasons.

Commercial Refrigeration Preventative Maintenance Saves Energy

can identify issues such as temperature control out of calibration, drain pipe blockages, faulty door seals, dirty blocked evaporator coils and blocked condensers which will compromise the efficiency of your equipment and increase your energy costs, when found we can identify a fault before a repair is needed.

Improve the Safety and Quality of Food with Refrigeration Maintenance

Hospitality venues, grocery stores and other food and beverage outlets take pride in the product they deliver to the public However, if you are not keeping your refrigeration equipment well maintained and properly cleaned, your customers will not be receiving top quality food and beverages. Moist conditions found in refrigeration appliances make them highly vulnerable to bacteria (Salmonella, E. coli, norovirus, and botulism) and mould growth, so they must be regularly cleaned.

Lower the Risk of Costly Emergency Repairs

When commercial refrigeration equipment breaks down, cost of the repairs is not the only negative aspect, lost product and business will also haunt you. Scheduling regular preventive refrigeration maintenance can significantly reduce the risk of experiencing a costly and unexpected breakdowns.


Listed below are important tasks which are included in a Scheduled Preventative Maintenance performed by our skilled Mechanics at Adgemis Refrigeration to ensure optimum and efficient functionality of your equipment.

Scheduled Preventative Maintenance should be carried out Quarterly or at a minimum bi-annually we are happy to keep track of your service history and alert you when a scheduled appointment is due.

  • Disassemble and clean ice-makers. Replace water filters, clean condensers, disinfect the evaporators and wash out ice storage bin, unsanitary icemakers are a health violation.
  • Examine all parts for wear and tear before a minor problem becomes a major problem.
  • Inspect compressor operation, Compressor failure can prompt the replacement of the refrigeration unit.
  • Check refrigerant levels.
  • Monitor motor power consumption.
  • Check suction line pipe insulation.
  • Clean drain lines.
  • Check and tighten electrical connections
  • Clean Coils
  • Clean Fan Blades
  • Test thermometers calibration then recalibrate or replace

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