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Industrial Fridges

Get the right fridge for your business by trusting the refrigeration experts at Adgemis Refrigeration. With over 40 years of combined industry experience our passionate team can supply, install, and maintain industrial fridges and freezers.

As the leading industrial fridge company in Melbourne business owners across all industries can trust our team to deliver a customer-focused, accurate, and timely service personalised to their needs and requirements. Exclusively stocking fridges manufactured by internationally-renowned brands you can enjoy a superior cooling experience as soon as you plug one of fridges into the power socket.

Industrial Refrigeration Manufacturers

As a trusted name in commercial and industrial refrigeration the skilled and passionate team at Adgemis have helped countless companies, big and small, achieve their refrigeration, cooling, and freezing aspirations. Taking a comprehensive approach our fully-qualified team of industrial refrigeration manufacturers can provide customised refrigeration solutions of the highest quality.

Consulting with our clients we can determine the right dimensions for the industrial fridge, as well as any particular additions that their industry or business requires. At Adgemis Refrigeration we will build the fridge perfect for your needs.

Industrial Refrigeration Services Melbourne

Have you noticed that your fridge feels a lot warmer than the temperature currently displayed?

Have You recently noticed food spoilage and had to discard some products?

Has your business recently suffered a power outage or noticed the lights flicker?

Are you concerned that it has caused damage to your fridge and it is making weird noises ?

Adgemis Refrigeration we have made it our business to deliver exceptional industrial refrigeration services to Melbourne businesses. From inspections, to repairs, installations, and general maintenance we have the tools and the training to make your fridge continue to deliver exceptional cooling and preservation.

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