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Adgemis Refrigeration has Chiller and Freezing solutions to meet your specific requirements.

Our experience covers a wide range of applications and products from Office Building Air Conditioning to the Food Manufacturing and Processing.

We can advise the best solution for Seafood, Confectionary, Cakes, Bakeries, cooked Meals, Meat and Vegetable Chilling.

In the Food and Beverage Industry, Industrial sized Glycol Chillers are used daily for preserving the life of food and beverages i.e., Dairy Products, Juices & Beer to a desired temperature.

Low temperatures are necessary to keep products fresh and prevent health risks, it is important to keep core ingredients cold during processing.

Chilling is a process in which the temperature of a food is reduced and kept at a temperature between 1 – 4°C. The objective is to reduce the rate of biochemical and microbiological deterioration in food, to extend the shelf-life of fresh and processed products, and maintain a desired temperature in food processing.

Chocolate Manufacturers often use chillers to regulate the chocolate temperature during processing to keep it from burning.

In the food manufacturing process, Chillers only represent a small fraction of the processing equipment, it is essential for economical manufacturing and quality in the final product.

Chillers are also used in Plastic Injection Moulding, Blow Moulding, Metalworking, Welding, Die Casting, Chemical and Pharmaceutical processing, Food and Beverage Processing, Lab Equipment, Photographic processing, medical imaging & Lasers.