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NS350HDS Meat Slicer Semi Automatic Heavy Duty

Meat Slicer Semi Automatic Heavy Duty Noaw Slicers Roband

This semi-automatic gravity feed belt driven slicer is designed for volume cutting and features two independent motors, one for blade rotation and the other for carriage movement. The slicer can be used either manually or with automatic operation. In the automatic mode, 3 carriage movement lengths can be selected to suit the size of the product and three carriage speeds can be selected to suit the delicacy of food being sliced.

Manufactured from anodized aluminium with clean lines, the slicer features a built-in sharpening head and blade ring-guard. The clever design enables quick disassembly for cleaning, without the need for tools.

The NS350HDS is suited to large restaurants, supermarkets, delicatessens and butcher shops where high volume slicing is required for different varieties of meats.

  • Model: NS350HDS
  • Brand: Noaw Slicers (Made in Italy)
  • 760(W) x 580(D) x 805(H)mm
  • Blade Diametre 350mm
  • Height of cut 230mm
  • Length of cut 250mm
  • Slice thickness 0 – 14mm
  • Angle of feed 45°
  • Weight 46 KG
  • Power(V) 240V Single Phase
  • Wattage(W) 390W
  • Ampere(A) 2A
  • Semi-automatic or manual operation
  • Control panel with basic variable selection of carriage speed and length of cut
  • Belt driven operation
  • Ideal for large restaurants, supermarkets, deli’s and butchers
  • Designed and Made in Italy
  • * 2 years full warranty covering parts & labour