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Island Freezer – IRENE ECO 210

Island Freezer 626 litre

    Bromic’s range of IARP Irene Island Freezers provide the perfect plug-in frozen display solution, creating seamless island displays that emit minimal heat and feature semi-automatic defrost functionality.
    Irene ECO Supermarket Freezers have been researched and developed in-house in conjunction with internationally acclaimed manufacturer IARP to create the perfect standalone frozen display solution.
    Eliminating prior planning approval and expensive installation, these exceptionally built self-contained units combine to create impressive island or wall displays that are simply powered through common 10A plugs.

  • Model; CF0500ATCG
  • Brand; Bromic
  • 2105(W) x 862(D) x 852(H)mm
  • Capacity 626 Litres
  • Power Type 240V 580W 10A
  • Temperature Range -25°C to -18°C
  • Display Area(m²) 1.4m²
  • High efficiency compressor that is 20% more efficient than most island freezers
  • Built-in internal Fluroescent lighting and white inner tank allow for superb product presentation and visibility
  • Flexible placement configerations, including stand alone options
  • Maintenance-free condenser technology
  • Ecologically friendly with very low heat emission
  • Plug-in and unit is ready to use
  • Defrosting Semi-Automatic
  • Constant temperature control with digital display
  • Fully populated with dividers and bases
  • Door Type Glass
  • No. of Doors/Lids 2
  • Door Movement Sliding
  • Available in 1856mm, 2105mm, 2505mm
  • *12 Month Warranty (Subject to Terms & Conditions)
  • *6 Monthly Preventative Maintenance service must complied with