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Blast Chiller & Shock Freezer 10 Tray ADO10

Blast Chiller & Shock Freezer 10 Tray

One of the key challenges in the food industry is the effective control bacterial activity. One of the most effective measures in preventing bacteria is blast freezing. When the temperature is lowered below freezing point, the growth of microorganisms decreases rapidly. This is due not only to the lowering of the product temperature but also to the reduction in free liquid water activity which essentially deprives microorganisms of the water they need to metabolise.

  • Brand:  Italia Cool
  • Made in Italy
  • 10 Tray Capacity
  • 750(W) x 740(D) x 1260(H)mm
  • Internal 610(W) x 410(D) x 760(H)mm
  • Made of Stainless Steel
  • Built to HACCP specification
  • 240V; 1490W; 10A outlet required
  • Chill 14kg from +70ºC to +3ºC
  • Deep Freeze 14kg from +70ºC to -18ºC
  • 10 × 1/1 GN or 600 ×400 EN pans (40 mm deep)
  • Digital controller with probe and temperature display
  • Time evaporator defrosting
  • Ambient operating temp. 43ºc
  • Tropicalized
  • Ventilated cooling
  • Auto defrost
  • Suitable for GN 1/1
  • Self evaporating drainage
  • Internal constructed for easy cleaning
  • Self closing doors
  • Opening back side and extractable unit for cleaning


  • *2 Year Warranty (Subject to Terms & Conditions)
  • *6 Monthly Preventative Maintenance service must complied with

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Blast freezing also maintains the natural quality of food. When food is frozen, the water inside it crystallises. If freezing takes place at a relatively warm temperature, the ice crystals which form will be large. In a blast freezer, the extremely cold temperature promotes very rapid freezing, which creates small ice crystals. The smaller the crystals, the less damage to the food as large crystals can rupture cells. Once the food has been frozen, it can be moved to a more conventional freezer, for storage, as long as the freezer stays cold enough, to keep the food frozen.